Timeless wood turnings


"Cherry Vase" #230 - Cherry

Woodworking for me began at a young age. In school I took every woodshop class I could.  I continued as an adult and have been making wood projects my entire life. My focus turned specifically to woodturning in 2002 and now that is my passion.

In the creative process, woodturning to me is similar to sculpting pottery, watching pieces emerge as wood is removed. The difference is that once the wood is removed you can’t reshape the piece except to make it smaller. Having studied ancient and classical pottery shapes I am usually drawn to the timeless classical shapes although I do enjoy creating some modern pieces.

I enjoy teaching  woodturning and it is as much fun for me as my students. I have taught people from eight years old to seventy. I have demonstrated woodturning professionally and for the Arizona Woodturners Association. I have participated in instructing students with the Carolina Mountain Woodturners teaching program called the Turning Learning Center. I have written articles for wood and woodturning magazines. I participate in an online forum for woodturners and share what I have learned as a mentor.

I primarily use woods local to Arizona that have interesting grain and pattern compositions. My designs incorporate the natural beauty of each piece’s unique, innate color characteristics. Recycling is an important part of my work. I use wood that is going to landfills and give it new purpose. I do not use wood that is on an endangered species list.  When using embellishments I do so with recycled materials such as used coffee grounds and brass shavings left over from making keys.

The woodturnings I create are done by using wood lathes of which I own three different ones. The tools are all applied to the wood by hand and I never use templates or machines when creating a piece. Additionally, I sign each piece and then either number or title them creating one of a kind treasures that will bring enjoyment for years to come.

Reclaimed Wood, Turned into Art





"Possibilities" - Natural Edge Mediterranean Olive

"Unexpected" - Natural Edge Mesquite Bowl

"Tiger Myrtle" - Tiger Striped Myrtle

"Holding" - African Sumac



"Trapped Cup" - Mediterranean Olive

"Reflections" - Desert Ironwood - TWO PIECE SET Bowl and Plate

"Natural Edge Ash Bowl" #272 - Shammel Ash

"Stacked" - Acacia